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Vedika Dalmia - WISE Young Women's Board 2014-2016

Vedika Dalmia

Software Developer, Bloomberg, London

I grew up and attended school in India. I studied Stem subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computing) up to grade 12 (A level equivalent) and then moved to the UK to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the University of Surrey. The degree included jobs and internships in STEM fields such as being a software developer and a lab demonstrator. Since graduating in 2012, I have worked as a software developer at Bloomberg LP, contributing to the fixed income derivatives trading platform.

Computer Science is definitely a field where the gender imbalance is very pronounced and I am very passionate about working to help reduce it. I am sure I don’t have to mention all the benefits of having less gender imbalance, to both individuals and organisations. This would be a great opportunity to try and understand and help come up with solutions to improve the ratios.

I have benefited from various schemes that aim increase female participation in stem using scholarships, conferences, mentoring and dedicated events. I could notice how much these helped in improving my confidence and in building a community I could reach out to. Being given a chance to help WISE provide similar opportunities to other women would be incredible.

I hope to bring a lot of passion and enthusiasm to the cause. I have a diverse background; having studied and worked in STEM fields in both India and the UK which I hope can be beneficial. I have participated in various schemes to encourage staying in STEM (which worked for me) during school and university and hopefully I can draw on that experience. Currently I am an active member of various women in tech networks especially within London which I hope can help as well.

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