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Sally Wood - WISE Young Women's Board 2014/15

Sally Wood

Plant Engineering Manager, Royal Mail, Aberdeen

Previous experience and qualifications include:

Project Start-up leader and Production Manager at Procter and Gamble

Manufacturing Engineering MEng at Cambridge University

My interest in technology and engineering began when I was at school studying design technology, maths and science. A teacher suggested for my first work experience that I went to a local Injection Moulding factory. I was fascinated by the throughputs of the machines and how they could make such small intricate components in such a short space of time. At this age I realised manufacturing was a real interest of mine and from here it grew as I took part in the Engineering Education Scheme at school working with Ford Motor Company, and Headstart at Cardiff University. I was lucky to be supported by my teachers and family in my interest in engineering.

I wish to get involved in this project as I am an enthusiastic focused and driven lady and I really enjoy working within the manufacturing engineering environment. In the position I am now in I want to give other young women the inspiration and understanding of what engineering really is and involves, so that they too can find themselves in such an interesting workplace. I also see the real benefit in supporting others to achieve something they are passionate about, as I was so well supported when I was younger. I have connections with other women in engineering from both university and previous employment, which gives me a wealth of information and understanding of women in our field. I enjoy giving presentations and happy to share my experiences thus far with others to give them drive and understanding. 

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