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Harriet Vickers - WISE Young Women's Board 2014/15

Harriet Vickers

Engineering Student, Durham University, Range Rover Evoque WISE Scholarship winner 2013

I became a member of WISE in November last year after winning the WISE Range Rover Evoque Scholarship, and since then I’ve had some great experiences as a WISE ambassador. I was lucky enough to be asked to be on a panel at the first WISE Student Colloquium, and I would advise any students in WISE to take advantage of events like this as they provide you with a great opportunity to talk to some inspirational women already in STEM careers and talk to companies you might interested in applying to. Having this opportunity to talk other WISE members, has been a huge benefit to me as it allows you to collect tips and advise to help you with your own career and also gaining these contacts within a wide range of companies can only be a benefit when you apply for graduate jobs in the future.

The opportunities WISE have given me have also improved my confidence and communication skills, which are an invaluable asset to have for any interviews I may have in the future. So, I would really recommend students to get involved in WISE as they really do provide you with great support and opportunities to help you on your way to a STEM career.

I was keen to get involved in the WISE Young Women’s Board project as I feel it is a great opportunity to make a real contribution to the cause of encouraging more girls into an engineering career. When I became a WISE ambassador earlier this year, the main thing I wanted to do was help spread the message to girls what amazing opportunities are waiting for them in engineering. And working with this board of likeminded young engineers, will allow me to do this.

I think the main thing I can bring to the project is my insight and first-hand experience as a student who has just left an all-girls state grammar school. As I think this sort school is going to be a big target for any campaigns WISE release, so I can help with which points will appeal to students and tempt them away from the more common Medical and Health related causes taken.

Also, I’m currently reading a degree in General Engineering at Durham University, so I’m still going through the very early stages of engineering myself; this allowing me to relate very easily to those just starting their degree or going through the application process. I will most importantly bring enthusiasm for engineering and expanding girls understanding of the opportunities within engineering to the project, and this will hopefully stand me in good stead to make a big contribution to this project.

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