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Hannah Goodall - WISE Young Women's Board 2014/15

Hannah Goodall

Senior Engineer, Network Rail, Milton Keynes

One teacher at school noticed my passion for understanding how things work and a desire to solve problems, this lead to me studying Mechanical Engineering at University, instead of Fashion Design and Textiles.

My current role is Senior Engineer [Switches & Crossings]. During my 5 years at Network Rail every day has provided different challenges; developing new products, presenting to executive directors in board rooms, working night shifts on track, leading teams delivering complex test programmes and spending too many hours in front of a computer screen.

Without my secondary school teacher improving my perception of engineering and introducing me the vast range of career options STEM subjects can unlock, I may have been struggling to find a satisfying way to apply my natural problem solving abilities.

I strongly believe many people have a natural talent for engineering skills, however many end up pursuing different careers, especially young women, as Engineering isn’t widely understood or appreciated as an interesting and engaging career option across all generations.

Recently I have observed campaigns targeted at encouraging women into engineering. In my opinion these campaigns have been too gender biased, terminology has been over simplified and industries have been glamorised. I have attended events where engineering careers are promoted as a way to afford designer clothes or meet a future husband. I believe STEM careers have a lot more to offer and can be promoted differently and I want to be an active part of making this change happen.

I would like to become a member of the WISE Young Women’s Board representing the rail industry, to be a productive member of a cross industry forum. I believe I can bring an honest approach, the ability to challenge status quo and a real desire to drive a positive difference in the workplace. 

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