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Laura Harrison-Ambler

Laura Harrison-Ambler


Laura Harrison-Ambler lives in Rossington, Doncaster.

She grew up there, moving to Doncaster from Dewsberry when she was three years old. After passing 13 GCSEs Laura left Rossington All Saints School to take up a plumbing apprenticeship with St Ledger Homes in Doncaster.

“I wanted to do something practical,” she explains. “I was never one for sitting behind a desk, reading books with ideas that didn’t go anywhere. I wanted to do something where I could work with my hands and see the results of what I’d done.”

Laura was the only woman on her course, which is set to finish in August of this year. She describes her experience as “brilliant!” saying: “There was great banter on the course – I even found myself helping out some of the lads sometimes!”

Completing her four year apprenticeship in August 2013, Laura has a number of future options open to her. “I’d like to stay with St Ledger Homes immediately after qualifying, and establish myself there. But in the long term – who knows? I’d love to run my own business eventually, but right now I’m happy where I am.”

So what would Laura say to a young girl who’s thinking about training as an apprentice? “I’d tell them to go for it! You do have to be able to hold your own with the lads and their sense of humour, but it’s a really great experience and you learn a lot!”

Laura is a JTL Apprentice Ambassador, part of a nationwide programme which is being delivered by training charity JTL. The Apprentice Ambassador Initiative aims to encourage more young women to enter apprenticeship in the craft sector.

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