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Warda Heetun

Warda Heetun, Engineering Apprentice at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) talks about her apprenticeship and the wide range of tasks it covers.

12 May 2014

The National Physical Laboratory is running an advanced apprenticeship for the duration of 18 months and aims to recruit a mix of inquisitive males and females. This opportunity is rare and few as it enables girls like myself, to undergo training and work in a UK standard Laboratory – one the top 3 measurement institute globally.

Applied science and engineering is a fairly male dominant environment – NPL promotes equality by offering the same opportunity to girls. Furthermore, the work at NPL is recognised globally setting the standard nationally and internationally.

As an apprentice we undergo training to better performance and understanding in the laboratory augmenting the awareness of testing we carry forth. In addition, apprentices receive Training towards a BTEC level 3 in Applied Science and an NVQ level 3 in Laboratory Associated Techniques. Before embarking on this apprenticeship; it is highly recommended to have an inquisitive mind and a persevering attitude to maximise the benefits from such an opportunity.

As a young female apprentice in a highly advanced scientific environment there is much to contribute towards, like working in close-knit teams to achieve a common goal of highly accurate and precise science. The apprenticeship engages both practical application and theoretical work.

Do you have an interest in science and technology or you have an unquenchable thirst to achieve? If so, NPL will help you explore these territories. Apply for this rewarding apprenticeship that will have you soaring in your academic careers. Go to www.npl.co.uk

Warda Heetun – Engineering Apprentice (18)

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