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Kathryn Boulton-Pratt

Kathryn Boulton-Pratt

Sheffield teacher wins national award for inspiring girls to do science

15 November 2013

Kathryn, the Assistant Head at a leading South Yorkshire school was the winner of the 2013 WISE Advisor Award, for her role in guiding young women towards careers in the science and engineering sectors.

Sponsored by the Institution of Civil Engineers, the Advisor award recognises Kathryn for instilling girls with a sense of self-belief and confidence in their ability and potential in traditionally male-dominated science subjects.

Her success in raising attainment in science and increasing the numbers of girls opting for science at A level has been remarkable.

Kathryn seeks every possible opportunity to involve her students with female role models working in STEM careers or following STEM courses at university. Her approach is inspirational - motivating and enthusing students with her passion for science and its value outside the classroom.

Amy Wilson, 18, a former student of Kathryn’s said: “Mrs Boulton-Pratt’s help has opened doors that are assisting me to aspire to be at the forefront of science. I am one of the hundreds, if not thousands of students that she has encouraged into science and engineering courses”.

After receiving her award from HRH The Princess Royal, Kathryn said: “This will help to make more girls aware of both the importance and practical applications of science classes in school.

“I want to go out and make sure girls don’t see science as only applicable for doctors, vets and dentists. If you apply yourself at science you can achieve at the highest levels in industry and that is what I hope to inspire in Yorkshire teenage girls.”

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