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Naming the female Brian Cox

Where is the female Brian Cox?

In November 2010, leading science communicator Alom Shaha asked in a Guardian blog, 'where is the female Brian Cox?'.

1 November 2010

Alom pointed out that we are in the midst of a Golden Age of science on TV, but women are mostly absent: 'Girls are crying out for a female scientific role model'. Alom named a few women, and asked for suggestions. The responses are set out below.

Read the Guardian article: 'where is the female Brian Cox?'

The List

Dr Tara Shears - Particle physicist and Royal Society University Research fellow at the University of Liverpool.

Dr Jennifer Rohn - Post-doctoral cell biologist at University College London who has also published two novels and sings in a band. Founder of LabLit Magazine.

Dr Alice Roberts - Anatomist, author and broadcaster and presenter of Coast.

Dr Aoife McLysaght - Evolutionary geneticist at the Molecular Evolution Lab Smurfit Institute of Genetics at the University of Dublin.

Dr Lucie Green Solar Researcher at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory.

Dr Aarathi Prasad - Former research scientist in cancer genetics who now works in science policy and journalism.

Dr Smitha Mundasad - multimedia science journalist and medical doctor.

Professor Linda Partridge- Director of The Institute for healthy ageing at UCL

Recommendations from commentators:

Liz Bonnin - Bang Goes the Theory presenter,who has a degree in biochemistry and MA in wild animal biology.

Emily Lakdawalla – Blogger at The Planetary Society.

Lindsey Fallow – Writer, software developer, and television personality who previously reported on and produced BBC’s Tomorrow’s World.

Dr Kat Arney – writer, presenter and musician. Co-presents the Naked Scientists radio show and podcast and is a science information officer for the charity Cancer Research UK.

Joy Singarayer - Climate modeller and co-presenter on Man on Earth with Tony Robinson.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell – British astrophysicist and former president of the Institute of Physics until 2010.

Helen Sharman - Chemist and first Briton in space.

Miranda Krestovnikoff - Television presenter who specialises in presenting natural history and archaeological programmes.

Kate Humble - Presenter of BBC’s Springwatch.

Maggie Philbin – Presenter and BBC News' 'face of technology' on television, radio and online.

Carole Jahme - Evolutionary psychologist, author and TV science programme advisor.

Emily Baldwin – Deputy Editor & Website Editor at Astronomy Now, who runs the Young Stargazers section of the Society for Popular Astronomy.

Meghan Gray - STFC Advanced Research fellow and Lecturer in the astronomy group at the University of Nottingham. Star of the Sixty Symbols YouTube channel.

Dr Lucy Rogers - Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and British Interplanetary Society and member of the Association of British Science Writers. Author of the book "It's ONLY Rocket Science".

Dr Becky Parker - Head of Physics at the Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys in Canterbury. She is also Director of the Langton Star Centre and contributes to ‘Why is Science Important?’.

Melanie Windridge - Plasma physicist with a PhD in fusion energy who regularly appears on television, radio and podcasts.

Shini Somarathne – BBC television presenter with a Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering.

Sima Adhya – Space mission scientist with a Master's in space science and a PhD in astrodynamics, currently director of space at Sciemus.

Elizabeth Rasekoala – Chemical engineer and founder of ACNST (African-Caribbean Network for Science and Technology).

Farrah Nazir - Science explainer at the Centre for Life and winner of the British Interactive Group's best demonstration in 2010.

Melanie Delaney – Presenter and employee of Edvoket: The Biotechnology Education Company.

Petra Boynton – Sex and relationship psychologist and lecturer at UCL, and regular radio presenter, journalist and blogger.

Minna Kane - Science communicator and television presenter. Current Associate Producer at Moore Huntley Productions.

Charlotte Uhlenbroek – Zoologist, BBC television presenter and writer.

Tanya Streeter - Former world-champion freediver and wildlife documentary presenter.

Marianne Baker - Cancer researcher at Bart's Hospital, and presenter of Wellcome Trust videos.

Dr Samantha Tang - The public awareness scientist at the University of Nottingham School of Chemistry. Samantha appears in The Periodic Table of Videos.

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell - President of the Society of Biology, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Manchester, neuroscientist and science communicator.

Kerri Smith (@minikerri) Voice and editor of the Nature podcast.

Aoife Glass (@Silverstrange) Nature Live presenter at the Natural History Museum.

Kate Bellingham (@KateBellingham) – BBC television presenter, National STEM Careers Coordinator and BLOODHOUND SSC Education Ambassador.

Bee Thakore (@beethakore)– CEO of consultancy at Big On Good, Consultant and technical assistant at Premier Farnell, trustee at UK Space Education Trust and project co-leader at SGAC SPIDER Ad-hoc group for disaster management.

Karen James (@kejames) – Director of Science at the HMS Beagle Project.

Marieke Navin (@lisamarieke) Science Communication Officer at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. Her PhD was on particle physics.

Jen Gupta (@jen_gupta) Astrophysics PhD student and podcaster.

Helen Czerski a female research physicist, co-presenting a 2012 science series for BBC2, with extensive science media experience.

Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE Inspiring and high profile STEM spokesperson and space science/technology expert, with numerous TV appearances including BBC2 documentary 'Do we really need the moon?' and Desert Island Discs.

Sue Nelson award-winning science journalist and broadcaster, Editor of The Biologist and producer/presenter of the Planet Earth podcast. Sue presents science programmes for Radio 4 and BBC World Service.

Dr. Kiki Sanford is a neuroscientist, and has been communicating science through audio and video formats for the past decade. She worked for the Science Channel and was selected to host a Discovery Channel International program called Brains vs. Brawn in 2012.

Dr Kat Arney – writer, presenter and musician. Co-presents the Naked Scientists radio show and podcast and is a science information officer for the charity Cancer Research UK.

Sheila Kanani (@SaturnSheila)- Planetary scientist, PhD student, stand up comedienne and science communicator.

Dr Laura Waters Pharmaceutical Science course leader at the University of Huddersfield, Laura teaches both pharmaceutics and formulation development. Very involved in Royal Society of Chemistry and is the 2004 winner of the Thermal Methods Group Research award.

Dr Heather Williams (@alrightPET) Senior Medical Physicist at Central Manchester University Hospitals. Specialist in Nuclear Medicine imaging, holds an honorary lectureship at the University of Manchester and is a Leading Light of the STEM ambassador programme. Heather is on the IoP's Women in Physics committee.

Sarah Main is a molecular biologist who appeared on BBC2 series 'E numbers' with Stefan Gates and has written 'biologist with a baby' articles for Baby London magazine.

Sara Santos Founder of Maths Busking with Matt Parker (maths and street performance). At the Royal Institution of Great Britain promoted the 'flash bags of maths' and on BBC One Show with Carol Vorderman.

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