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WISE Ten Steps for SMEs Workshop

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WISE Ten Steps workshop for SMEs. How to recruit, retain and develop women within your company.

Using the Ten Steps framework to attract, retain and develop female talent in science, technology, engineering and manufacturing (STEM)

Date: 5 June 2018

Time: 1.00pm - 5.00pm

Venue: Leeds College of Building, Cudbear Street, LS10 1EF

This half day workshop introduces attendees to the WISE Ten Steps. This simple framework enables an organisation to create an action plan for the attraction, retention and development of female talent in order to create a gender balanced organisation. Each of the Ten Steps represents a suite of activities that, if implemented, will provide the best possible environment for a diverse and balanced workforce that has the potential to boost the performance of the business. SMEs can face some specific challenges in attracting women into STEM careers and this workshop is focussed on the needs of those smaller organisations -including what we call the Zero Women Challenge.

WISE Approach

Our approach is to provide your team with practical tools, insights and facilitation to inform your business planning and to help you capture ideas, decisions and actions that will improve gender balance within your organisation.


  • Understanding the business benefits of a diverse and gender balanced workforce
  • Introduction to the Ten Steps framework and how it can be used to drive change
  • Information sharing and discussion around each of the Ten Steps and their potential impact on the attraction, retention and development of female staff.
  • The Zero Women Challenge
  • The Ten Steps diagnostic – your results.
  • Actions and Pledges to take away


Pre-engagement: Attendees will be asked to share data on the number of women in their organisation.

During the session: Attendees will get the opportunity to complete the Ten Steps diagnostic and discuss and explore the implications of each of the Ten Steps vital to creating a gender balanced organisation. Practical resources will be provided to facilitate action and progress back in the workplace.

Post engagement: Attendees will complete summary action templates for their business and personal pledges that will help them enhance their own personal behaviours as a champion of inclusivity. Companies will be invited to resubmit their Ten Steps diagnostic on an annual basis to measure progress and attend future Ten Steps for SME events.

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