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Girls into Physics 3-Day Residential | Year 10 Girls

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How do we detect particles? What are cosmic rays? What happens in temperatures that approach the absolute zero? From particle physics and accelerators to condensed matter and astronomy, in this course you’ll explore the world around us in an interactive, engaging and creative way.

  • Get inspired by world-class research taking place in Royal Holloway.
  • Investigate some of the techniques used to discover new particles like the Higgs Boson.
  • Take part in presentations about quantum phenomena in extremely low temperatures .
  • Discover how researchers are trying to find out what dark matter is made of.
  • Work in small teams to create your own physics video.
  • Get hands-on with experiments and demos.
  • Combine science and art and develop your own projects.
  • Ask all the questions you ever had about physics to the team of friendly academics.
  • Find out more about careers in physics.
  • Discuss what it is like to study physics with university student ambassadors.

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