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Culture Analysis Tool

Understanding Organisational Culture – Using the WISE Culture Analysis Tool

What is the Culture Analysis Tool?

Research has shown that organisational culture is a critical factor in why women do not join, or remain in, the STEM sectors. Our Culture Analysis Tool (CAT) is an online, anonymous questionnaire that has been developed specifically for the STEM sectors, to help you understand and benchmark the diversity and inclusion culture in your organisation. The CAT gives you qualitative and quantitative information on how much your employees know about your policies, practices, values and outcomes, and how well these are really working. Our experienced consultants then provide an in-depth report with practical recommendations to sustain and improve diversity and inclusion in your organisation. Confidentiality is of paramount importance throughout.

What will it do?

The CAT will reveal aspects of good practice that you can share with others and build upon for the future. It will also reveal hidden gender inequalities; unconscious bias and gender stereotyping that can affect your brand, workforce retention and return rates, employee engagement and workforce performance. The CAT will provide a baseline for you to kick-start or reassess your diversity and inclusion policy and plans. It can help revitalise dialogue about diversity and inclusion within your organisation as a part of your talent management or employee engagement strategy. The output from the CAT can also form a benchmark for organisational culture.

The CAT can form part of your public sector equality impact assessment (if applicable), or evidence your good practice as a private sector company tendering for public sector contracts. Expert follow-on support is also available including training, development of mentoring and networks, recruitment advice and bespoke consultancy on all aspects of diversity and inclusion in STEM.

How does it work?

WISE provides an objective and confidential process by which the questionnaire is distributed by email. The integrity and independence of the WISE brand ensures a high degree of employee engagement. Completion of the questionnaire is encouraged within a two week window following which WISE will analyse the returned data and provide a full report on findings, trends and recommendations. The CAT can also be customised to your organisation’s requirements.

What does it cost?

A typical CAT intervention is priced at £3,600 for WISE members and £4000 for non-members.

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