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Women in Astronomy

Throughout the International Year of Astronomy in 2009, the UKRC collated valuable resources profiling women in astronomy, astrophysics and space science, engineering and technology.

The UKRC Astronomy Blog

We ran this blog throughout the International Year of Astronomy. Eleven entries by eleven exceptional women in very different areas of astronomy. Read how they became involved and what makes them passionate about space.

Women Astronomy Bloggers

Women who blog about astronomy, astrophysics and outer space. A dazzling and very varied array of writers.

Adventures of an Astronaut Wannabe
Joe Hill is a research scientist working for Universities Space Research Association at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. And she's always wanted to be an astronaut...

Alice’s Astro Info (US)
Alice Enevoldsen ‘highlights interesting goings-on in the world of astronomy’.

Alice in Galaxyland (UK)Alice Sheppard blogs about astronomy and running the Galaxy Zoo forum.

Amy’s Next Adventure (US)
'Astronomer. Professor. Fun loving gal.'

Apple Pie and The Universe (Canada)
Alyssa has a PhD in Astronomy in 2009, and is a post-doc in earthquake science. Also known as 'Mrs Comet Hunter'.

Archive for Astronomy (UK)Part of the Science Museum's blog, exploring the history of astronomy and written by Alison Boyle, Curator, Astronomy and Modern Physics. There's a growing thread about women.

Tips and tricks for amateur astronomers. A group blog: authors include Eli, Jane, Jessica and Kelle.

Astronomoms (Canada and UK)
Three bloggers - Astronomymummy, Astronomum and Astromaman - on being a mother and an astronomer.

Astropixie (UK)
'Things and stuff' (astronomy and life) from Amanda Bauer, a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Nottingham.

Cosmologist Sabine Hossenfelder's blogs with Stefan Scherer about 'events on the world lines of two theoretical physicists, from the horizon to timelike infinity'.

Cosmic Diary (international)
Set up for 2009, with lots of bloggers, including many women. Amy Mainzer, research scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, continues to post items.

Cosmic Variance
A group blog by physicists and astrophysicists, including JoAnne Hewett, Julianne Dalcanton and Risa Wechsler.

Deirdre Kelleghan (Ireland)
Amateur astronomer, artist and involved in several astronomy campaigns and organisations.

Features posts from a selection of astronomers, physicists and cosmologists, including Zeeya Merali (cosmologist turned science writer).

Hanny's (Netherlands)Hanny van Arkel is “the Dutch schoolteacher and Queen admirer who discovered Hanny’s Voorwerp” a somewhat mysterious sky object.

How I am becoming an astronaut (US)
Aerospace engineer Damaris B Sarria aims for the stars.

In Orbit (US)
Journeying to the International Space Station with astronaut Shannon Walker.

Lookingupsa (SA)
'I'm British, female, living in South Africa and have an astronomy blog which contains podcasts of my astronomy radio show amongst other things. I work as a volunteer, making science and astronomy accessible to the general public.'

Megan's blog (Australia)
A blog from Megan Argo, a postdoc studying starburst galaxies and doing outreach in the remote region where Australia hopes to host the SKA.

Noisy Astronomer (UK)
Nicole Gugliucci is an astronomy grad student by day, and belly dancer by night. This blog is 'my outreach fix when not at the observatory, and a haven for unabashed skepticism'.

Rocket Scientista (US)
'A twenty-something astrophysics PhD student, learning to be a rocket scientist, trying to make sense of my life, the universe and everything.'

Sarah Askew (NL)Sarah Kendrew is a postdoc in astronomy in the Netherlands, working mainly on infrared instrumentation projects and blogging about this and more.

Starstryder (US)
The blog of Dr Pamela Gay, astronomer, writer, educator and podcaster - 'blogging one sidereal day at a time'.

The AstroDyke (a slightly sub-L* galaxy)
‘Uppity notes on science, astrophysics, gender, queer life, and whether Menudo is a planet. Because straight boys aren't the only astronomers.’

The Interstellar Blog of Space
Thoughts of teenage astronomer Hannah Hutchins (who has a hamster called Hubble).

The Planetary Society Blog (earth)
Emily Lakdawalla runs a guide to 'interesting stuff going on in space science, space exploration, and space advocacy'.

The Spacewriter’s Ramblings (US)
Henrietta Leavitt is a science writer and editor, working with observatories and planetariums.

The UKRC Women in Astronomy blogTo celebrate the 2009 International Year of Astronomy, eleven guest bloggers (one a month) wrote about their lives and work. An inspiring line up of women in astronomy and astrophysics.

Universe Today (US)
Nancy Atkinson is a science writer and NASA /JPL Solar System Ambassador.

We are all in the gutter (UK)Emma and Rita blog with two colleagues. 'We are a bunch of selfish transients or astronomy researchers, whichever term you prefer.'

Women in Astronomy (US)
Four scientists (men and women) blog about women in astronomy.

Women in planetary science (US)
Five women astronomers and astrophysicists blog – includes a ‘blogroll’ with links to other women bloggers.

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