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Chief Scientific Officer's WISE Fellowship Programme applications 2018

Chief Scientific Officer’s WISE Fellowship Programme Applications


We are delighted to announce the Chief Scientific Officer’s WISE Fellowship Programme for NHS England, is now taking applications for 2018. Boost your career and expand your network – apply now.

Who should apply?

The CSO WISE Fellowship Programme is a fantastic opportunity for mid-career female healthcare scientists in the NHS to gain invaluable leadership experience. It is open to female healthcare scientists working in any discipline in any NHS England trust.

Why should YOU apply?

We are looking to develop four women with potential to really make a difference in their current and future roles. This will give you the opportunity to develop yourself, inspire the next generation of healthcare scientists, and meet senior leaders in healthcare, the Office of The Chief Scientific Officer, academia and industry. We can support you to achieve your career goals and increase your impact in your Trust, and beyond!

What will the Fellowship consist of?

There will be four Fellowships awarded this year and the career development programme will include:

  • Mentoring by senior leaders in the fields of healthcare, academia and industry
  • Attendance on the widely acclaimed WISE Career Development Programme with follow-up professional coaching sessions to support you to achieve your career goals
  • Exciting speaking and ambassadorial opportunities via both the WISE and The Office of the Chief Scientific Officer’s networks, as well as through attendance at the WISE Conference 2018 and National Chief Scientific Officer’s Conference 2019
  • Individual WISE Membership and the opportunity to meet with senior HCS leaders at NHS England Healthcare Science advisory meetings.
  • Develop your leadership abilities and behaviours with access to the self-assessment and 360-degree feedback tools of the NHS Healthcare Leadership Model.

The selection process will include an application form and an interview. The closing date for applications is May 13th 2018 andsuccessful applicants will be announced in July 2018.

You can find out more about previous winners of the award here:

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CSO’s WISE Fellowship Programme Applications

We are glad that you are interested in applying for this unique and career enhancing opportunity. Before you do so, please read through the following information to ensure that you are eligible for the Fellowship and available on the key dates listed below.


CSO’s WISE Fellowship Programme applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be a practicing healthcare scientist and have a minimum of five years’ experience in your field
  • Work in an NHS Trust or private provider of NHS diagnostic services in England
  • Have your employers consent to be released on full pay for the required dates as detailed in the timeline
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the Fellowship, including attendance on the training and network days

If you can answer ‘yes’ to all of the above please check that you are available on all the dates in the following timeline.

2018 CSO WISE Fellowship Programme timeline:

The timeline outlines what will be involved in the programme throughout the year. The Fellowship has five formal days of involvement and then a range of optional activities and events that you can choose to be involved in. It is suggested that another three days are assumed, but these could be half days or evenings, in person or over the phone, the more you get involved with the more you will gain.

6th June & 19TH June

Interviews in London and Leeds

July 2018

Applicants are notified about the outcome of their application

September 2018

Twelve month fellowship to commence

September - December 2018

Four separate days on WISE Career Development course (Manchester).

January - June 2019

Mentoring by senior leaders

February/March 2019
Fellows attend the Chief Scientific Officer’s Annual Conference in London to share their fellowship experience.

March/April 2019

Coaching and network day London: One-on-one career development coaching and an opportunity to meet with senior members of the Office of the Chief Scientific Officer

April/May 2019

WISE Leadership Day: Attend panel discussions from industry and NHS leaders and share your experience with other HCS who may be interested in applying to the Fellowship.

May 2019

WISE Conference

June 2019

‘Onwards and Upwards’. Reflect on your experience and share feedback with the WISE and CSO teams, discuss your role as alumni of the Fellowship.

Ready to apply? Use this link to access the online application system, and complete the application form by no later than midday on the 13th May

Please remember to include a letter of consent from your employer. To help with this, we have created a letter explaining all about the Fellowship to your employer that you can download here and a template letter of employer consent which you can download here.

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